About us

Flair Atelier is a place where tailoring and innovative technology come together. It’s a place where our expertise meets your individuality.

We spent years trying to find a way to dress that could be smart and timeless, that also fit in with our busy lifestyles. We know that the current retail model in fashion, with its sizing, inventory and ethical issues, can be improved.

Inspired by a community of like-minded women who love clothes, values quality and cares about how and where their clothes are made, we are here to make the garmemnts you want to wear. Rethink the fashion industry to make it more similar to us, and have a good time doing it.

Our garments are designed in London and handmade in Italy, according to the highest sartorial and ethical standards. You are unique. Your style is unique.



The design of our collections and development of samples is carried out in-house by a team working exclusively in product development who are constantly striving to combine innovation, creativity and perfect fit.

With your specifications and choices, we generate a unique digital pattern for each of your selected garments and then, using only the finest fabrics and materials from Italy, our Italian tailors will prepare your bespoke garment that will be shipped directly to your door.

This is Flair Atelier. Your choice and our promise to make the garments you want to wear.