Ethics and Sustainability

Flair Atelier has had an ethical heart from the very beginning. Made for the mindful consumer, every garment is a piece to be proud of, made with dedication and care in Italy. We combine Italian tailoring tradition with long-lasting materials and technologies while keeping a watchful eye on all facets of production to guarantee the best results.

We believe that fast fashion is harmful to the consumer and the environment, that is why Flair Atelier is developing and promoting the highest sustainability standards. We do not do storytelling, your investment reflects the value of the materials and the work – while intermediaries and marketing costs are kept to a minimum. Flair Atelier was built with respect at its core and a desire to create value for clients and all stakeholders. 

Our laboratories and our team: A fair working life
Flair Atelier works with passionate professionals and expert tailors, ensuring that work and pay agreements exceed European standards for all employees. We promote fair wages and working conditions, and support sustainable livelihoods.
A positive impact 
Flair Atelier’s manufacturing process only begins after you have confirmed your purchase, effectively placing the client at the centre of the supply chain. We are able to directly address many of the key problems of traditional fashion brands: Overproduction, end-of-season stock, water and energy waste. On average, e-tailers use about 30% less energy than traditional retail. 
Our materials: Long lasting and non-polluting
Flair Atelier has taken great care to source non-toxic materials that are good for both the skin and the environment. With no harsh chemicals used, Flair Atelier’s materials are non-polluting and durable: If looked after, they will last a lifetime.
Flair Atelier is the antidote to fast, disposable fashion.