How it works

1. Design your perfect dress
Using our online tool, start from a dress base that reflects your style and fit or choose from one of our proposals. Play around. You can change any of the sartorial features, personalising the garment down to the last detail to create a dress that is truly yours, in every way.
2. See it in real time
Have fun trying different combinations and see your design and colours changing in real time. You are in control. Once you are happy with your garment, take it to the checkout.
3. We make each garment just for you 
Once you placed your order, we create a unique digital pattern with all your specifications and send it to our tailors in Italy. No mass production, no waste: Each dress is made to order and is as unique as you are.
4. Help at any time, at no charge
Let our experts help you by suggesting styles and refining your fit until you are completely happy.
5. Delivered as promised 
Our aim at Flair Atelier is to ensure your complete satisfaction. In just two weeks, we will produce a unique, timeless piece that truly reflects your signature style.